Looking for Pyspark programmer to create basic recommendation system




Andrew DtfiUnited States


AwardedFeb 2, 2018
With given data file that contains the books id read by each user, need to create Cosine similarity rate for each 2 books.
Data file Example:
USER1id Book1ID Book2ID Book3ID ...
USER2id Book1ID Book3ID Book5ID ...
Output expected Example (Tuple of bookID tuple and similarityRate):
((Book1ID, Book2ID), similarityRate)
((Book1ID, Book3ID), similarityRate)
((Book1ID, Book5ID), similarityRate)
((Book2ID, Book5ID), similarityRate)
((Book3ID, Book5ID), similarityRate)
((Book2ID, Book3ID), similarityRate)

Skills & Expertise Required

Apache Spark Pyspark Python Recommender Systems 

Project closed for bidding!

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