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OpenOct 9, 2018
I need a database created (in access or other) that will allow data to be entered to include some instructions, image(s), and characteristics related to each 'entry.' For example, one 'entry' would be a recipe and would need to include the cooking instructions, list of ingredients, possibly an image, and a way to enter characteristics (like tags) related to that recipe such as allergens (peanuts, dairy, etc), macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, protein), Diet styles (vegetarian, vegan, paleo, etc.), meal type (breakfast, lunch, dinner) etc.

I then need a formula or algorithm created that will 'randomly' select a collection of recipes based on a number of user specific inputs, and output a weekly meal plan and shopping list. For example, a user may be allergic to peanuts and dairy so the system would need to generate a meal plan for the week (3 meals/day for 7 days) that does not include any meals with peanuts or dairy - drawing from the database of recipes in the system. It would also generate a shopping list based on the ingredients in the meals in the created meal plan for the week. It would also be important that the meals do not include any repeats from recent weeks.

I imagine this will start as a one-time project, but will likely include updates as I expand the inputs and variables being used in the meal planning.

Skills & Expertise Required

software development 

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