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Ems S SamUnited Kingdom


DeletedSep 24, 2017
I am taking a class which is studying the Netsuite ERP software. I need a Netsuite wizard/pro who can start work immediately and finish the task in 1-1.5 days. The task is simple since it is not for a real company. I have around 4 different roles in this company and each role needs to have their own dashboard with helpful information on it. Not all 4 roles need to be implemented since there is a time constraint but I would like at least 2, more if you have the time, each with 1-2 helpful saved searches, KPIs/graphs, etc.

The roles need to be able to be demo'd in an 'end to end' process. For example the first employee role does something in his/her account, maybe inputs sales orders. Then Role 2 can see those sales orders pop up in his dashboard and do something with those orders. We can have a call to discuss details/questions that you have before starting.

Thank you!

Skills & Expertise Required

NetSuite Development 

Project closed for bidding!

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