Network Programming Exercise using Python to configure Network




D. Nation United States


OpenMay 18, 2019
The first part is a network programming exercise using Python to configure and monitor a network, and the second part is a research exercise to investigate Software Defined Networks.

Using the topology above you are required to undertake configuration and testing of the network (to prove compliance) using the Python programming language and appropriate libraries. All configuration, other than basic configuration and testing, must be undertaken using network programming. The choice of Python libraries is at your discretion.

Manually configure each device IP addresses, and relevant passwords to provide remote IP reachability only -do not configure interfaces other than those essential for connectivity.
Using Python and relevant libraries from the Management Console configure the following:
1. Appropriate routing
2. Vlans
3. Trunk links
Perform relevant scripts to test connectivity between devices and compliance with topology
Produce relevant Python scripts to report the status and IP address of each router
Using Python script(s) set trap(s) on the network devices to monitor outages, such as device or link failures. Output relevant warning messages on the screen and to a log file.

A technical report containing a minimum of the following sections:
1. Description of the python program and relevant libraries you have used to meet the specification. Include justification of your selection.
2. Suitably annotated Python scripts to meet specification.
3. Suitably annotated test results (screenshots/log files) to demonstrate compliance
4. References

Skills & Expertise Required

Network Administration Network Design Network Engineering Network Planning Network Programming 

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