PCB Failure Analysis (simple)




Mohammad Furqan Malaysia


OpenFeb 26, 2019
I have bought a SFA (France) make Lifting Station Model Sanicubic 2 Classic (1W+1S) -1500 Watts (Single Phase) sewage pump recently from an authorized dealer in New Delhi, India for use in a small office.

The PCB burnt out within 1 month due to what I believe was a broken Neutral line into our commercial building at the pole (electricity company's fault). This type of problem is routine in India, as are voltage fluctuations and constant power cuts (at least 2-20 times a day depending). The power company, practically speaking, will never reimburse for damages like this. All white-goods appliances companies market their products in India as 'made for India' which don't require external voltage stabilizers anymore.

The pump is made and sold by a French company who touts a 5 year warranty, best in the world, etc., but they say it's not their problem. The pump cost me $2,400USD and the replacement PCB about $200-400. It's not so much they money as the principle. None of our Indian-made pumps or equipment had any problems. I bought the French one because it's a sealed unit and supposedly better.

As far as I can tell, only one component burnt out, which is the little blue (resistor?) at the corner of the board. I believe SFA should have engineered some kind of intrinsic protection into the PCB like a fuse, since a Neutral break and voltage fluctuations happen every day in India.

Could you take a look and give me your opinion on the cause and whether or not I have a point? I can send better photos.

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Circuit Design Electrical Engineering PCB Design 

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