PCI, GDPR, NIST, SOX, etc compliance all-in-one spreadhseet




Virender India


OpenOct 2, 2018
Looking for someone who has or can easily create a spreadsheet with different compliance lists and commonalities between them. I have a SAAS app http://narmada.cloud where I provide a list of best IT practices as-as-service and would like to update it referencing different compliance requirement standards i.e just as an example strong password would be for example PCI 1A-6 item, then the same compliance item under NIST would be 2.31 and SOX Section1-10 (I use fake reference numbers just to make the point). You need to be very 'fluent' in those lists and not require much research. Must be US based and have great communication skills.

Skills & Expertise Required

Compliance GDPR Information Security Awareness IT Audit and Compliance PCI Compliance 

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