PhoneGap expert needed for developing an app compatible with Android and iOS




Deepak Rao Maratha Mozambique


OpenJun 6, 2019
I need a PhoneGap developer to develop an application that basically calculates BMI and provides basic diet tips. All content is available. Screens are sketched on paper. All formula will be provided. The app is to be available in both English and Arabic. Translation of strings, labels, etc. is available in Excel file.

The app involves dealing with:
- detection of system language and using it as the default language for the app. Nonetheless, this should be modifiable later if the user decided to use the other language instead.
- detection of timezone
- calculation of age based on dates of birth
- displaying random content on scheduled times
- right-to-left interface (for Arabic content)
- navigation drawer
- formula calculations
- saving/retrieving user-provided values into/from a local file (eg. JSON, XML, etc.)
- Displaying notifications in the notification bar.

Important requirements:
1. The app should be compatible with both Android and iOS
2. The final work should be submitted inone month.
2. Different backgrounds are to be used in different screens of the app. Background images are provided and assigned by filename/folder to the screens they are intended to be for.
3. Final work is to be delivered as a ZIP file ready for upload to Adobe PhoneGap's website. Hence, I will be doing the upload to my own account.

Please, note that:
- I will share a compressed file contains all content, organized in folders, divided into separate files for Arabic and English (suffixed with ' - ar' and '- en' respectively)
- Start navigating the folder by having a look at [00 - app on paper] document. This shows the sequence of using the App from the end-user perspective. It also explains how output is figured out (formula used).
- Then, have a look at the excel file named [elements]. This includes all elements/widgets (illustrated on paper), their types, the screens they'll appear on, the Arabic translation of captions, labels, strings, etc.
- After that, have a look at the document named [formulas]. This document includes every formula you'll need. The formulas will need to access values saved by the user and these values will be used in the calculation of these formulas.
- Some folders contain files named [functionality]. They provide details about how a certain function works.
- You are provided with images for the [App Name], app icon, and backgrounds.
- Arabic is right-to-left language. This means that even the navigation drawer should appear on the right if Arabic is the language selected.
- Some contents are intended for reading purpose (by the end-user). Meaning, there is not interaction needed here. So, such content can be displayed in any possible form within the app (not web pages in the browser)
- App Name should be replaced with the App Logo in all screens.

Skills & Expertise Required

software development Website Development 

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