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Peter Brown Germany


OpenMay 10, 2019
We are looking to create an integration wrapper that connects our CRM software (Infusionsoft) with multiple service providers (specifically Twilio, Slybroadcast, and BombBomb) that would allow us to create dynamic marketing plans that use the different types of communications provided by these services.

Along with developing a backend that would take care of integrating into all these services and handling all the incoming and outgoing HTTP requests, the project will also include building a simple frontend with a GUI which would allow us to see a timeline of all the actions that have been taken for a specific lead, as well as allowing us to manually send communication through all the above mentioned platforms.

Incoming communication from Twilio will also need to be handled - specifically relating to the incoming text messages and incoming calls. A webhook will need to be triggered for each incoming communication (this will most likely just be a Slack webhook that posts to a channel in a Slack Server). These incoming communications will also need to be added to the timeline for the specific lead on the frontend.

The technologies we are looking to use for the project are:
- PHP - Preferred backend technology:
o You would be free to use whatever PHP Libraries you need to complete the project
o Prefer using version 7.x but if you feel that it is unfeasible to use that version, we are also able to use version 5.6.x
o There are multiple helper libraries available in PHP (through Composer) for the APIs of the services that we're looking to integrate, as well as a helper library for our CRM software. Some services (Slybroadcast) don't have these libraries and you would have to develop your own wrappers for connecting to their end points.
o The preferred PHP library for outgoing HTTP communication would be CURL
o We have a hosting server set up already with this configuration and would prefer to use the one we have as opposed to getting a new hosting server.

- HTML/CSS - Frontend GUI technology:
o We'd prefer using HTML5 with CSS3 to build the GUI
o Focus on optimizing GUI for Google Chrome - no other browser support necessary

- JS (+Frameworks) - Frontend scripting technology:
o You'll be free to use whatever frontend scripting technology you prefer using.
o JS (including all frameworks), Web Assembly, Actionscript are all options - it's completely up to you.

The services we are trying to integrate, a small description of them, and their API references are linked below:
1. Infusionsoft: Infusionsoft is our CRM platform that allows the ability to keep a database of contacts that we use for marketing purposes. The campaigns function of Infusionsoft allows us to create a dynamic marketing campaign that sends out HTTP requests to our integration wrapper at certain intervals. For example - if we say Mr. John Smith needs to be sent out a text message at 10 AM on a Weekday, we can schedule that through Infusionsoft and the system will automatically send out an HTTP request when the time comes. This will allow us to coordinate all our marketing efforts and the wrapper would only need to handle these incoming calls. However - you will need to connect to the Infusionsoft API to pull in the contact information for the person we are sending communication to. API Type: REST with OAUTH2 (PHP Helper Library Available).

2. Twilio: Twilio is a service provider that allows us to send out Text Messages. They provide further functionality but we are just looking to use them for Text Messages, both incoming and outgoing. Incoming calls from their platform also need to be handled.

- API Type: REST with HTTP Basic Authentication (PHP Helper Library Available)

3. Slybroadcast: Slybroadcast is a service provider that allows us to send out Voice Mails - these voicemails are dropped directly into the Voice-mailbox provided by most Mobile Phone carriers.
- API Type: JSON Dumps with Authentication information sent as JSON Parameters (No Helper Library available)

4. Bombbomb: Bombbomb is a service provider that allows us to send Rich HTML Emails with animated elements (such as videos). We'll just be using pre-built email templates that we've already created in their system.
- API Type: REST with OAUTH2 (PHP Helper Library Available)

We can show you an example of the type of system we are trying to set up with regards to the frontend the functionality - another company has a similar system set up (but without integration into Infusionsoft) that can be used as a reference. We have a very good idea of what we want to do.

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