Research and extract key data on dental treatments




Baskoro Indonesia


AwardedOct 7, 2017
I'm looking for someone to research and deliver key statistic on dental data, for example;

Emax crowns, gold crowns, silver crowns and porcelain metal crowns, zirconia crowns
- strength
- longevity
- long term success rates

Silver fillings vs white fillings
- strength
- longevity
- long term success rates

Resin Bonded Bridges
- strength
- longevity
- long term success rates

Long term success rates of;
- Implants
- Root Canal Treatment with general dentist
- Root Canal Treatment with specialist

Risk of gum disease and tooth loss %
- if not seeing a hygienist regularly
- if not using interdental cleaning
- if not brushing twice daily

Skills & Expertise Required

Research Data Science & Analytics 

Project closed for bidding!

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