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Nimit Slim India


AwardedApr 13, 2019
We would like a developer with experience of apple location framework & objective C to resolve general bugs in current location based objective-c app. We would like the following be completed:
- Some users are reporting app crashing when clicking the Statistics screen (Globe Icon) on app, general when the app has returned from background and usually first thing in the morning.
- Location events are being stored that have a greater accuracy than that specified in the settings screen. E.g. We are some events with accuracy of 1500m being stored. Only events with an accuracy less than that specified in the settings screens should be stored.
- ALToast Messages in App now no longer always appear. Could this be investigated to make them re-appear.
- Reduce/remove all xcode warnings when compiling, remove/update any code that is not being used, update any functions that have been deprecated, update and comment code so that its easier to follow.
- Update Code/File structure to make the app more easier to follow.
- Remove any redundant libraries, iWatch components, files that are not being used.

We will request developers to do the following if successful working on this code:
- Fork code for app from github repository and compile and understand app. (access will be given to successful freelancers)
- Update code to ensure all bugs listed above are resolved.
- Test code to make sure no existing functionality has been lost.
- Once code has been updated and tested. Send a pull request via github to owner.
- Make sure all updated code is commented to explain what has been done (this is very important!)
- We will check the code and if it is successful, including correctly commented, we will merge code back to main branch and release payment.
- Please confirm you have objective-c experience and are comfortable working on an objective-c project.

Skills & Expertise Required

iOS Development iPhone App Development 

Project closed for bidding!

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