Retail Product Buyers for US - Long Term Potential - Bonus Available




Rehan Khanna Poland


OpenDec 7, 2018
I will walk you through step by step training along with screenshots and will guide you to understanding exactly what to do and how to maximize your earnings

I succeed when you succeed so it is my top priority to have you be successful. I am going to hire people I feel I can trust with information, who are competent, intelligent, and enthusiastic. Extra points if you can respond and adapt quickly.

Ideally I'm looking for people experienced with buying products on US, you will be instructed to buy certain products via my Amazon accounts using coupons codes you have collected from varius websites. (You will be informed exactly what codes to collect from where, then you will place the orders for the products on my Amazon accounts)

You should be availble to work at 10:55pm-11:55pm CST. If you have a specific schedule of what days you can work this timeframe please let me know. Once you have established a schedule with me you will be expected to be available to work that hour. Come 11pm you will begin receiving instructions from me on exactly what coupons to collect (across several accounts), then you will buy the items from my amazon account. You will be earning .50c per unit purchased, the potential is very high. If you are competetent and willing to learn, this will be a great source of income for you. I hope to hire a few people to work on this for at least 3 months and potentially longer, so it is in my best interest to take care in hiring the right people for the job. Please take notes of all requirements before applying.

If you're driven and perform you have the ability to earn more money. Once you have mastered the 11pm 'shift' I can provide you with more sources of products to purchase which you can do at any time during the day.

What you need:
A VPN (You will need to be able to access websites from multiple US IP addresses)
Email Verification: You will be creating accounts on certain websites which need to be e-mail verified
SMS Verification (I can help with phone number): You will need to verify accounts using a US phone number. If you cannot access US phone numbers I can provide them for you and have you follow the instructions to verify the accounts

Need to be able to follow instructions and work quickly at certain times when products sell fast. I am an understanding teacher and will take the time to train and guide the right people. Thank you very much for your interest.

Skills & Expertise Required

Administrative Support 

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