Review an analytics setup for a mobile app.

Posted by - Hasan Kumar Red at Oct 18, 2020
Uttar Pradesh, India

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$28.41HOURLYOpenNov 8, 2020

Job Description

Need an expert to review my analytics setup and help me determine the smartest way to categorize and segment my userbase, given the variety of user characteristics, states, behaviors, and paths users can take inside my app.

I'm looking for a consummate expert in analytics. Someone who has done it many times in the past and is familiar with the minute details of creating an actionable dashboard of metrics to understand problems and benchmark progress. Someone who is capable of anticipating problems with an an existing setup, and understands the best practices to avoid problems in the future.

- If you have experience with Google Firebase or BigQuery.
- If you've worked with mobile apps.
- If you've worked on a freemium business model.

Skills & Expertise Required

Data Science & Analytics Data Mining & Management 

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