Review and restate simple contract for $25,000 loan with repayment terms taken from notes provided




Aaron DunNew Zealand


OpenOct 28, 2018

12% interest amoratized over the time I use the money.

Paid back to you in equal amounts matching anything I take out for my self.

All expenditures approved until full amount returned.

Estimation of complete ROI, six months.

I suggested that as I pay you off, that the interest stay on the full amount. So 1% per month. So the likely return will be a total of $1,500 if I wait the entire time to pay you back, but you will have received much of the money back already, assuming that I am paying myself as we go along.

My plan is to spend about 75% of my time on this project.

At the end of this period, and you are paid in full, you will maintain a 10% stake in whatever developed from this project. This project coming under the heading of Kiev Academy Art Supplies. It would not apply to anything generated from a potential art show in Kiev or things related to Martin Ricks Fine Art LLC.

We should have Mark Strong set up a new LLC for KAAS (Kiev Academy Art Supplies)

I assume that I'll need additional capital for the growth but may be able finance it by a combination of banking and a credit line from Ukraine, something they have already alluded to.

Questions of suggestions, let's take this to a lawyer and have him draw up papers based on this as the basis for doin business.


Skills & Expertise Required

Contract Drafting 

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