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Artie India


OpenOct 11, 2018
I am shooting a Sci-Fi short film this summer and I need a design for the interior of a ship. The filming will take place on 3 sets - the bridge, a hallway, and the medical bay. The sets must be designed with camera and actor movements in mind, so the hallway in particular needs to be wide enough for a camera to move around an actor, however, the sets will be built on the top floor of a house that has an open floor plan and a vaulted ceiling, so size isn't unlimited. The sets should be designed so that they are attached (you can move from the med bay to the hallway to the bridge without exiting the set). I would like two sets of renders. One with all the lights and screens which will be added in post-production, and one with just the elements that are physically being built (example: the main view screen will be green screened, so the physical set should show big green panels).

I only have a few characteristics which are important to incorporate. The bridge will be at the front of the ship (I know, duh!), but I want to make sure it has a big screen in the front because the captain will be sucked out into space through it. The hallway needs to be bright (no dark Alien interior with large pipes) and will have a food synthesis alcove built into it. Nothing specific about the med bay. Just make it look cool.

Please provide enough renders from each part of the set to be able to see everything with enough detail so we can actually build it (I know, another duh! statement).

Skills & Expertise Required

Engineering Computer Engineering Software Architecture 

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