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Aman Slamet India


OpenDec 14, 2018
We are looking for someone to do keyword research in order to find high-traffic topic ideas for our DIY hardwood flooring blog. You would then pass this topic and list of keywords to our blog team for them to write an in depth blog post.

Once they have written the post, you would optimize the content by adding an 'in this article' index, in-context links to our other blog content and external sources, embed videos and do whatever other SEO you deem best. You would prepare the post for publishing on our Shopify blog.

Your deliverables would include:
1. Keyword research report:
a. Will include the keyword you think will be the best title and what data you base that decision on.
b. Will include a list of 10-20 related keywords that should appear in the blog post and what data you base that on

2. Search Engine Optimized blog post and report:
a. You receive the text from our blog team and have completely prepared it for publishing on our website. Our blog team ads basic links and some photos, but you will be responsible for making the article and links as search engine friendly as possible and including all the keywords (behind links etc) that you suggested in your original keyword report.
b. We expect that you would read our other blog content and site content and also get to know our products/brand so that you can create any discernible links from within the blog your are optimizing.
c. Do any other SEO you think is suitable and tell us why.

Our goal: we are building a blog that focuses on providing all necessary information to DIYers looking to do any kind of project with hardwood flooring. You can check out our blog here: (Removed by Toogit Admin)

We have an experienced SEO expert in-house, but he is looking to free up more time for other things, hence our search for someone to do this role. We expect that you will have extensive experience with SEO and be able to teach us things and bring more traffic to our blog.

We publish new blog posts every 2 weeks, so that is the schedule you would be expected to deliver on. We may also have other SEO work for you. Our ideal candidate will:
1. Speak fluent english
2. Deliver on time or early
3. Be very detail oriented
4. Communicate promptly

Skills & Expertise Required

Link Building On-Page Optimization Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO Backlinking SEO Keyword Research 

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