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Aasha India


OpenOct 22, 2018
Looking for an experienced stock trading analyst, etc. who has experience dealing with the U.S. Stock Exchange. I am looking for a stock trading strategy (or strategies) that I can use to gain a significant increase in my account on the in the U.S. Stock Exchange. I have a TD Ameritrade account and intend to use the strategy to increase the return on my investment.

I am open to ideas on how to do this but would prefer to have the specific name of stocks that you feel will help me achieve higher the normal returns.

I am open to using:

- Momentum investing which looks for the market trend to move significantly in one direction on high volume and join the parade.
- Mean reversion which assumes that the price of the stock will over time revert back to its long-time average price.
- Valuation (Bargain Shopping) which uses fundamental analysis to identify stocks trading at a discount (or premium) and buy (or sell) them accordingly.
- Seasonality in which investors create strategies that depend on the time of year. For example, its well documented that markets tend of have better returns at the end of the year and during the summer months, while September is usually a month with lower returns.
- Sentiment (Buy the rumor, sell the news) trading derives from crowd psychology, where investors stay up-to-date on recent news and purchase stocks predict the crowd's reaction. Fundamental Investing
- Technical Investing which examines past market activity for changes in the stock's price and volume, believing that historical performance is indicative of future results.

Again, I am open to any strategy that you may have developed and I am looking for a stock that I can trade on to double my investment.

Skills & Expertise Required

Data Science & Analytics Data Mining & Management 

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