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Ashok India


DeletedNov 22, 2017
We need a support script which will be used on our website. It will be an automatic answering machine. We should be able to teach it and it should self learn. No need to write something fancy.. just use what is already available as freeware.

Script should have following features
1) It should run forever. It should never be killed unless we want it to.
2) It should accept questions and answer it based on its knowledge so far. For example, if I say hello, it should reply greetings. If I ask it, how can I place an order for a t-shirt. It should open a page or return the url with search results.
3) If it doesn't know the answer to a question, it should inform user that I cannot help you at the moment, I have forwarded your request to our support team, they will get back to you in a min.
4) We should then be able to teach it the answer to that missing question.

We are posting this job as a test. It is actually a part of bigger project which will run for atleast next 5 years.
If you succeed in this, we will hire you for the remaining project.

But, if you are selected and deliver some or part of the work, you will still be paid for this work. However, we may not consider you for remaining work.

Skills & Expertise Required

Machine Learning Python 

Project closed for bidding!

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