using WiX Toolset 3.14, create an installer for WSL and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in WSL




Bahis Syahri Iran


OpenMay 16, 2019
using WiX Toolset 3.14, create an installer for WSL and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in WSL

Must have prior experience with WiX Toolset for this project.

The goal for this project is to develop a Windows install program that will both activate WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and load Ubuntu 18.04 LTS into WSL without using Microsoft Store in anyway. The install program should be as automated and easy to use as feasible.

All work for this project must use:

WiX Toolset development release version: v3.14.0.1703

and (optionally) Golang. It may very well be possible to develop this solution using only the WiX Toolset (and its 'custom actions'). However, if any coding must be done outside of the WiX Toolset, then all code must be written in Golang which is buildable using Golang 1.12.2 .

No language other than Golang and WiX Toolset 3.14 is allowed for this project. All Microsoft .NET languages (e.g. C#, etc.) are specifically NOT allowed for use in this project.


Using the WiX Toolset 3.14, develop two new MSI packages:

ActivateWSLPackage.msi - Activates Windows Subsytem for Linux on Windows. Note this normally requires a reboot of the operating system to complete.


LoadUbuntuIntoWSL.msi - Install Ubuntu 18.04 on Windows WSL, without using or referring to 'Windows Store' in anyway. Windows Store may not be used in any way, under any circumstances (even if Microsoft Store is available on the operating system).

Then use:




to combine these two MSIs into a single combined Installer (one exe file). Test the above combined installer (and the two individual MSIs) on the following released (generally available. NOT beta, alpha, etc.) Windows operating systems:

Windows 10 (version 1607 or later)
Windows Server 2019 (any released version)

All code and files used to develop the project should be delivered to me at the end of the project. If code and/or files were downloaded/obtained from other sources (e.g. an internet site) the sources must be disclosed (e.g. the URL from which they were downloaded).

All source code and documentation etc. developed for this project will be property of the employer (me). All source code is to be kept private and may not be shared with persons other than me. Source code and documentation developed for this project may not be publicized, described or posted online etc.

Project is *not* urgent and can be worked on at your convenience.

Excellent employer. Excellent past reviews on Toogit dot com. A significant bonus will be awarded for quality work.

Please describe your prior WiX Toolset experience in your bid proposal.

Skills & Expertise Required

Golang Installer Development Linux System Administration 

Offer to work on this project closes in 235 days!

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