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OpenJan 28, 2019
The situation is this:
We have a website. There are two main themes for the website.
- Wordlists, common words, word frequency
- Language learning, especially Italian

There are 6 main parts of the website, and a link to each of the 6 parts at the top of the website.
- Home (front page)
- Our team
- Words
- Courses
- Blog
- Free Lesson

On the website we have two resources so far for learning Italian:
- Courses - Paid audio course for learning Italian.
- Free lesson - If you sign up for our newsletter, then you'll receive the free e-book/lesson by mail.

We need a lot of content on the website to eventually get organic visitors. Two main areas for content:
- Words section should be full of concise information, word lists and word tables.
- Blog section should be interesting, something special for the curious mind.
In general, it is always good to mix in different media types, such as pictures, audio, video etc. in every post, whether it's a Words page or a Blog post - you can even produce your own audio or video content and blend it in with the written material.

The main approach right now could be to write about the different parts of speech in the target language, like:
- Italian Nouns
- Italian Verbs
- Italian Adjectives
- Etc
To start with, we can make one single web page for each language, so.. one page for Italian, on page for German etc. And then later on, we can maybe split it up into different pages for nouns, verbs, adjectives etc.
Or.. we can write individual pages for different parts of speech and other topics. We can call it something like "Commonly used Italian Nouns" and so on – or maybe just "Italian Nouns", to not repeat the title of the website too often.
It can be very basic knowledge, but presented in a fresh, colourful, easy to understand way.
Other basic topics can be for example "Days of the week in Italian"
Basically just a big library of content.

I think we should only pusblish something on the blog that is actually interesting, funny, intelligent, for the curious.. and so on.
So that people know that a new blog post/article on this website is always at least worthwhile to check out.
Blog posts should be about languages, primarily Italian language at the moment, centeret on words and vocabulary, and if possible something about analyzing texts or something else through looking at vocabulary used.
- Idea for first blog post with title "Reading Lord Of The Rings in Italian"
o What is special about reading these books in Italian, or in a foreign language in general?
o The names are different.
o The words used to describe things are different.
o What vocabulary will I learn by reading this?
- Idea: Learning languages by reading comics/comic books

Skills & Expertise Required

Article Writing Blog Writing Content Writing English Italian 

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