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Websites are not just zeros and ones, they are your web identity, your business, your hobby and much more. As a full time freelancer, I take it to be my responsibility to create a site or web solution that enables you to get that sharp and amazing digital look.

A web solution crafted by my hands has the benefit of my vast domain knowledge, elegance of language agnostic coding style, security of multiple testing, assurance of unsurmountable quality and impeccable after sale service. All this enshrined with a warm personal attention given to your project.

I code both static and dynamic sites with technologies like Hugo, Jekyll, Grav, PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Symfony and many more.

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Add some Social Network Icons of my menu bar of my website

Can't wait to use Akash on my next project.

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Help Removing Microsoft Office 2013

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Looking For Blubrry Plugin Expert

Perhaps one of the best and most efficient workers on this site. Will use him again.... without doubt!

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Facebook Like Button Not Working

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Porting a simple windows app to Mac OS X using wineskin

Very good job, all documentation provided on an exceptional level!! Will definitely recommend.

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Make Business Contacts Manager work on Outlook 2013

Thank you so much for your hard work! You took an issue that I have been struggling with for a month and resolved it in 2 hours! You are an expert and a professional. I highly recommend!!

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iCloud brings me a poor Outlook

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