Akshay Patil
Akshay Patil
QA Engineer
India | Asia/Kolkata (USD)
Full-time : 30+ hrs/week


I have 2 years of experience in testing and I have knowledge of manual, Automation, mobile testing experience.
Summary :
1. Experience in Manual testing, including Functional testing, Integration testing, and Regression testing,
Installation Testing, GUI Testing.
2. Experience in Automation testing, including Creating Data Driven Framework and Hybrid Framework
and Page Object Model using TestNG.
3.Experience in Mobile Testing (Android, iOS) including Testing Functionality, Different Type of Interruption like permission, internet on/ off, notification, minimizing app etc. , Design Testing.
4.tracking of defects using various tools Like ZOHO, Bugzilla, JIRA, DoneDone, Spira, Mantis,
Project list on which I work:
1) IndiaShelter (Android Mobile APP- Home Loan project)
2)Aura US/IND (Android-iOS Mobile APP- Service Base project)
3)CheckMate (Android -IOS Mobile APP - Auditing Project)
4)ChaiChai (Responsive WebSite - Product)
5)Tarneeb (Android - IOS Mobile Game )
6)Recruiter (Website - Recruitment Portal)
7)Aspire PA₹IVAAR (Android -iOS Mobile App - view the account details app)
8)Aspire Pre-sales (Android App )


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