Hi, I'm a doctor by profession. However I am quite proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Premiere Pro, After effects, ProTools, FLStudio, etc. and in my free time do Ambigrams, Portrait retouching, Composing, Audio production,vocal processing and audio mixing mostly.
Give your voice top notch realistic manual pitch correction, (which sounds nothing like the artificial glitchy autotunes you generally hear online) however out of tune you sing, voice timing and remapping, vocal EQ and compression, noise and breath removal, de-essing, and many more vocal enhancements tailored to suit your voice!
I do a lot of photo retouching jobs, such as skin retouching (removing freckles, wrinkles or any other blemishes on the skin), skin smoothing, contouring by dodging and burning etc, colour grading, background replacement, compositing, and a lot more, or any other custom requests.
I also play the Guitar, Piano Drums and violin and do some indie compositions from time to time. So if you need some backing tracks to a song you just composed, or need mixing, here I am!
I am also and artist and used to do some logo designing works, but not doing any now, mostly due to lack of time.

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