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Claude Vincent

Senior Technical SEO Consultant

United States | America/New_York
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I've been working in the Digital Marketing field for over 18 years, I'm specialized in Enterprise Technical SEO for eCommerce.

My portfolio include to 50 internet retailers like Gap, Dick's Sporting Goods, Toys'R'Us, Columbia and many others.

My scope of works are:
♣ Review and audit website at a granular level to drive changes that comply with SEO best practices.
♣ Define requirements, tasks, and resources related to SEO strategy.
♣ Remove obstacles which impede search engines’ ability to find our content.
♣ Create and maintain roadmap to help implement required changes.
♣ Manage and execute implementation of global SEO strategy.
♣ Recommend changes to website and architecture, content, linking, and other factors to improve SEO positions for target keywords.
♣ Manage content strategy to ensure quality, targeted on-page and off-page content.
♣ Educate SEO best practices to build awareness and understanding across the organization on a daily basis.
♣ Collaborate to team, and management on strategy and project development, timelines and goal definition for success.
♣ Partner with internal teams and vendor to coordinate and execute on SEO objectives regarding content and backlinks.
♣ Create, analyze and monitor daily organic search reporting to measure page rankings, SEO KPI’s, and the effectiveness of optimization.
♣ Monitor top competitor performance on a daily basis.
♣ Exponentially grow website traffic, reduce bounce rate through SEO and content marketing strategies.
♣ Learn from prospects to spearhead feature and content development to support aggressive customer acquisition goals.
♣ Monitor industry trends and changes in SEO to help identify necessary updates and new opportunities.

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