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Daniel Harding

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United Kingdom | Europe/London
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I’ve been designing and developing LAMP websites for around 16 years and have worked on various types of projects including websites, ecommerce, B2B, casinos, APIs, touch screen apps, intranets and custom B2C applications. I have good attention to detail and understand the value of high quality craftsmanship when it comes to user perceptions of digital products.

With a practical understanding of digital strategy, brand identity, design, development, digital marketing and social media, I can I devise, plan and produce your digital project from start to finish, and then continue to grow your online business with demonstrable results using tailored outreach techniques and digital marketing.

Please get in touch if you are looking for a hard working, dedicated digital expert to help with your web or app projects.

Some tech that I use on a daily basis:

LAMP, PHP, Nginx, Postgresql, GIT, Chef, Mysql, MAriaDB, Zend2, Magento2, MODX, NodeJS, Angular, EmberJS, JQuery, SOAP, Redis, Memcache, HTML, CSS, Monit, Gulp, Sass, Rocketeer, Vagrant, Swift, After Effects, Adobe Premier, Adobe Illustrator.

WHAT I do is always evolving, WHY I do it remains constant...

Innovation & Quality:

Adding extra ideas, innovation and executional touches in everything I produce.


In my customer care, contracts, SLAs and production. I am simply out to do what I love, and do it well. I operate with ethics and integrity at all times, in all areas. I do what I say I’ll do (and then a little bit more).

Authenticity, Human Not Robot:

I know how to communicate the intricacies whilst keeping it real.

Compassion & Empathy For Startups:

I understand client uncertainty over digital marketing, so I price my work ethically, provide extreme value for money, and help you to manage your digital budget responsibly and effectively.

Service Evolution:

I am always learning, improving and refining my methodology, procedure, service and technology in order to output exceptional quality products and customer service.

Looking forward to working with you.


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