Datalamp T. - Big Data Company

Datalamp T.

Big Data Company

India | Asia/Kolkata (USD)

Full-time : 30+ hrs/week


A Big Data company, works on data-pipeline & visualization solutions.

Java: Core, Collection, Swing, Reflection, Threading, Socket Prog
ETL: Data Pipe-lining, Spark

Good In-
Big Data Stack:
1. MapR
2. MapR-DB (NO-SQL)
3. Cloudera
4. Aerospike (Caching)
5. HBase (NO-SQL)
6. Hive (Warehousing)
7. Oozie (Scheduling)

Programming Languages:
1. Java (Moderate+)
2. C/C++ (Basics)
3. Scala (Basics)

Scripting Languages:
1. Shell Scripting
2. Pig Scripting
3. JavaScript (ECMA-5)

Big Fish Stack:
1. Akka (Actor Model)
2. Fuse 6.1 (ESB)

Few Good Ones:
1. ETL ( Spark ):
Developed spark ETLs in Hadoop to aggregate and render reports.

2. Programmatic Advertising (Project Lead) :
Developed scalable distributed systems to implement programmatic advertising Stack using Open RTB protocol in Java, also used Jetty, Kafka and Aerospike.

3. Hacked Advertisements: Hacked banner spaces (Advertisements) at Publisher Sides using Proxy Server ( developed in Java) & Ad Replacement Rules ( developed in JavaScript) . Which targets Google AdX & Ad Sense and other big ad exchanges.

4. Big Data Multiplication: Gather Insightful knowledge of MapR-DB (Log based DB) and did
matrix multiplication of big tables using hbase API in c++.

5. Orchestration Layer: It is the layer developed in FUSE (ESB) which communicates with GUI and synchronize Central (DMZ-Demilitarized Zone) and Tenant (Telcos in MZ-Militarized Zone) sides.

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