It is my goal to show how I can better your team with my innovative and collaborated mindset. Throughout my professional history I have always tried to do three things.
1. Learn- It is my belief if you are not willing to learn you are not willing to grow. Even CEO's of the best companies would subscribe to a learning service.
2. Collaborate - Every time you work with someone else it provides you an opportunity to grow not only yourself but the company or your relationships as a whole. By collaborating you are offered the ability to show your true self and learn more about your peers.
3. Enjoy - This is a great rule to live by esecially when it comes to your career choices. As i am soon to be a father I have learned that so much of life lies in the Work-life balance. We as a society tend to spend more time at work then we do with our family, so if we must make that sacrifice we must enjoy every minute. Even in the bad times in my career I can always take positive learning experiences.

Remember, Even in the bad times you can have positive outputs.Pay it forward. Pass it on!

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