Hari - Experienced L3 System administrator


Experienced L3 System administrator

India | Asia/Kolkata (USD)

Full-time : 30+ hrs/week


I have 4 years of experience in administering Linux and Windows web servers.

I'm proficient in the management of:

● Operating System - Centos, Windows
● Web Server- Apache, IIS
● Mail Server- Exim, Smarter mail
● Firewall - Iptables, CSF
● Database - Mysql
● Virtualization - Openvz
● Monitoring tool - Nagios
● Automation tool - Puppet
● Hosting Control Panel- WHM/cPanel, Plesk, MSPControl

I can:

✓ Optimize server for speed and stability, including PHP, Apache/NGINX and MySQL/MariaDB.
✓ Setup new server. Install and configure control panel for high security and optimal performance.
✓ Configure and maintain backup servers using tools like R1soft, rsync and scp
✓ Install SSL certificates, configure Firewall and fail2ban/LFD for brute force protection.
✓ Perform server security audit and hardening, according to industry best practices.
✓ Backup and migrate servers/websites.
✓ Check presence of spamming and taking necessary steps to prevent them.
✓ Mitigate DDoS attacks using NGINX/Apache, fail2ban, CSF and iptables.
✓ Install and configure Apache, NGINX (as backend or reverse proxy), PHP-FPM, Varnish cache, Redis, Memcached and Opcache for high performance and traffic.
✓ Migrate accounts with zero downtime.
✓ Perform Nagios installation and configuration.



B.tech, Electronics Engineering

(2010 - 2014) Calicut University