Hemanju - Teacher



India | Asia/Kolkata (INR)

Full-time : 30+ hrs/week


Hi Students, I am Manju, BSc.Ed in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and child psychology.Being a graduate from the Regional institute of Education-Mysore, one of the five RIEs all over India which aims to develop and disseminate innovative, creative educational techniques and practices, I wanted to utilize my skills and knowledge gained with my experiences appropriately as an
upper primary science, math teacher /IIT foundation course/creative thinking teacher to share my passion for the subject and to enlighten young minds by inculcating various effective teaching techniques along with moral education . Enthusiastic to teach you in the way you understand it completely and to make you in a position to apply whatever you learnt in the class in your daily life to the maximum extent. I'll make sure during the classes, you will be experiencing the learning process, your brains working on the subject rather feeling bored. After the class, just experience the satisfaction of real learning and come fall in love with enjoyment of learning. Finally I'll make the content you wanted to learn to be simple, understanding, applicable, ensuring your academic success. Wanna fall in love with the learning ?, then join me here ! I am looking for students who are ready/interested to learn online in those subjects along with IIT coaching for 6,7,8 grade students.I have two years of teaching experience, and have good success rate. Please contact me if you need references and know more details.