My name is Travis Barker. I currently live in Vancouver, BC. I have over 10 years experience in the healthcare space to include operations, projects, and service lines. I completed my Masters Degree in Public Administration and completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management 7+ years ago. I have held responsibility for projects over 7+ years including healthcare initiatives, clinical information systems, facilities, technology, and operations projects. My background includes operations responsibilities while delivering projects across the enterprise; emphasizing integration, change management, and training post delivery. As a sidepreneur I have published several books, an android app (beta), and developed several interactive online planning tools. Travis Barker, MPA GCPM has experience in the following areas (in years): ✔ Leadership & Workforce Mgt 10+ ✔ Project Management 7+ ✔ Change Management 10+ ✔ Healthcare/ Clinical Information Management 10+ ✔ Business Consulting 4+ ✔ Operations Planning 10+ ✔ Research & Reporting 10+ ✔ Technology (enterprise software, COTS, etc.) 7+ ✔ Fundraising & Grants 5+ ✔ Facilities 10+ ✔ Product & Service Development 6+ ✔ Construction 2+ ✔ Budgets 10+ ✔ Innovation & Change Management 7+ ✔ Policy & Program Development 5+ ✔ Lobbying & Policy Analysis 4+ ✔ Stakeholder Management (public & private sectors) 10+ ✔ Community, Committees, & Exec/Board Development 4+ ✔ Marketing, Communications, & PR, etc. 3+ I can also add that I am able to legally work in Canada and in the United States. Travis Barker, MPA GCPM has experience with the following Technology/Software Platforms: Microsoft Project Management; Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Publisher); Visio; Cerner; Dayforce; Sharepoint; Wordpress; Zoho CRM; Google Docs; Skype; ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software; Hardware, etc. Additional profile:


Master's Degree,Public Administration


Post Graduate Certificate,Project Management


Bachelor's Degree,Psychology


Innovate Vancouver at Vancouver, BC
Jan, 1970 to present
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