John Wilfred
John Wilfred
Fullstack Javascript Developer / Data Analyst
Philippines | Asia/Manila (USD)
Part-time:10-30 hrs/week


Experienced Frontend and Quality Assurance engineer using the bleeding edge technolgies on web development today like Reactjs and Nextjs with Apollo servers. Can also do fullstack development using REST and GRAPHQL APIs, Nodejs, Expressjs, Sequelize, and a lot more. Also experience working in an agile type of environment. Was assigned as an Invetory monitoring representative using different types of platform. Our main goal on our job is to make our inventory stocks in Amazon as updated as it could be, to avoid any customer being upset of ordering out of stock items. We also provide daily reporting of inventory movement of every brands for us to know if there are new product listings are coming or if the inventory are decreasing. We also developed some tools that would helps us do our job. Some of those tools are: Inventory reports parser, Inventory scrapers, APIs, and a lot more. Below are the technologies used on creating these tools: NodeJS, Javascript, ExpressJS, ReactJS, JSX, MS EXCEL Below also are platforms we used to make our inventory have the most updated number of stocks: Amazon Sellercentral, Shopkeep, Shopify, SKUVault, B2B Gateway Created an automated Business to Business(B2B) ordering system using WinAutomation and CSS selector. This tool eliminates the manual process of placing orders from Amazon to any brands B2B sites. Also developed a MAP Watcher app using ReactJS, Redux, ExpressJS, MySQL, MongoDB in NodeJS. This application is used to monitor any sellers in Amazon if they are religiously enforcing the MAP policy of every brand they are selling. Basically, it is used to identify rouge sellers in Amazon. Project: Listing details Pinned Map (Frontend) - a section on the listing details’ page that will not just show the pinned map of the property listing but also it shows the nearby amenities the place can offer. It shows the direction, distance and the estimated time to get there. Technology used – ReactJs, Redux, Google Map API, Styled Components, Media Queries, Git Project: Keeper (Fullstack) - An internal tool used for safekeeping scraped leads from different resources online. It is also use for employee’s productivity and metrics status report. Technology used – ReactJs, Redux, Styled Components, ExpressJs, NodeJs, RESTful API, Docker, PostgreSQL, Jest, ESLint, Git Project: Goldilocks V2 (Sprint)(Frontend) - A UI revamp of an existing features on the main site. It mainly touched on the Renter’s user dashboard. Technology used – ReactJs, Redux, GraphQL, Styled Components, Jest, ESLint, Media Queries, Git Project: Automated E2E testing tool (Script) - An automated testing used to test the whole site to ensure that all features are good and running after a new functionality is added. This tool would then generate reports in XML form. Technology used – CodeceptJs, NodeJs, Mocha, Sellenium, WebDriverIO, Git Project: Antechamber (Server Side Rendering, Frontend) - A separate microsite or a city page used to enhance the main sites SEO and gathers prospect property owners in a certain area. Technology used – NextJs, ReactJs, Google Map API, Geonames, Styled components, Media Queries, Apollo Server, GraphQL API, ExpressJs, NodeJs, Jest, ESLint, Git Project: Map Watcher App (Fullstack) - Real time web app that shows item violated per seller in Amazon, historical data and sales dashboards. It contains tables, graphs and charts for data representation. Technology used – NodeJS, ReactJS, JSX, ExpressJS, Redux, MySql and MongoDB, RESTful API, PassportJS, ChartJS, JWT authentication Tool – C9 IDE Project: Inventory/Invoice Parsers (Fullstack) - A tool mainly used for parsing pivoted excel data. Technology used – NodeJS, EspressJS, PUG Template, Bootstrap, ExcelJS, MongoDB, PassportJS Tool – C9 IDE Project: Data/Inventory Web Scraper (Script) - Used in scraping data or information on specific websites. Technology used – NodeJS, EspressJS, Osmosis, NightmareJS, WinAutomation Tool – C9 IDE, WinAutomation Project: B2B ordering automation (Bot) - Used for placing Amazon orders on business to business sites easily and accurately. Technology used – WinAutomation, CSS selectors Tool – WinAutomation



Inventory Monitoring Representative

Channel BPO Inc - Mar, 2015 to Jun, 2016, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Inventory Monitoring Lead

Channel BPO Inc - Jun, 2019 to Jun, 2017, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Junior IT Developer

Channel BPO Inc - Jul, 2017 to Sep, 2017, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Order Tracking Lead

Channel BPO Inc - Dec, 2018 to Dec, 2017, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Senior IT Developer

Channel BPO Inc - Jan, 2018 to Jul, 2018, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Mid-level Software Engineer

Onerent - Apr, 2019 to Apr, 2019, Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines

Web Developer

Wingaru Pty Ltd - Jan, 1970 to Jan, 1970, Australia

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