Khushboo Arora - Business analyst

Khushboo Arora

Business analyst

India | Asia/Kolkata (INR)

Part-time:10-30 hrs/week


I am a highly motivated and eager data enthusiast . I have recently completed my post graduation in Big Data Analytics, (M.Sc Big data analytics ) and was an intern with TCS for the past 4 months.
As a keen explorer and learner of Big data technologies , I have hands on experience with statistical tools like :R,Python,SQL,Hadoop,Talend, Tableau, etc and other aspects of analytics like, Machine learning, Data mining , Data warehousing , etc.
As a part of my internship, I worked on projects like-
1. NYC taxi trip duration optimization
2.Data Integration , Exploration and Reporting with tools like Talend ,Tableau and Hadoop
3. Master Data cleanup project (Data preprocessing project) and
4. Big Mart sales prediction problem.
I've always looked forward to learning and exploring new things that I come across and will continue doing the same.