Krishna Kumar M
Krishna Kumar M
Email Marketing - 8 Yrs of experience
India | Asia/Kolkata (INR)
Part-time:10-30 hrs/week



Google AdWords & Analytics Certification:
 AdWords Search Advertising
 AdWords Display Advertising
 AdWords Video Advertising
 AdWords Mobile Advertising
 AdWords Shopping Advertising
 Google Analytics
Hubspot Certification:
 Inbound certificate
 Email Marketing
E-marketing Institute:
• Online Marketing Fundamentals Course and Certification
• Search Engine Marketing Course and Certification
• Social Media Marketing Course and Certification
• Web Analytics Course and Certification
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course and Certification


• A complete email solution, DREAM / HARMONY / SELLIGENT MARKETING CLOUD allows you to focus on your marketing strategy that takes care of the campaign details. We combine DREAM’s technology with full service deployment, tactical recommendations and remarketing tools to help you obtain superior results.

• Web-based email marketing applications, DREAM / HARMONY / SELLIGENT MARKETING CLOUD helps marketers and publishers target, time and deliver their campaigns. Its robust reporting features quickly measure impact, and optional strategic and deployment services are available for additional support
DREAM / HARMONY / SELLIGENT MARKETING CLOUD includes many Automation process with an outstanding facility of uploading the customer’s Data Base list directly along with the Campaign Deployments.

• Built with your needs in mind, DREAM / HARMONY / SELLIGENT MARKETING CLOUD embodies our ongoing commitment to engineer an easy to-use, state-of-the-art email technology platform, which enables contextually relevant email communications with customers and prospects. All the tools you need to maximize your email initiatives and marketing return on investment can be found right here including campaign and marketing automation development, data collection, inbound reply rules, service and support and more.

• Analyzing the campaigns and taking decisions.
• Working with creative resources to develop effective designs for all emails as per client requirement.
• Building queries to extract the data from the database and applying logical filters.
• Involved in testing process.
• Targeting the regions, personalization, tracking and deploying those e-mails to the subscribers.
• Analyzing the performance, impressions, bounces, clicks and complaint rate of all emails sent and reporting the same to the client.
• Work with business development and marketing teams and assist the client in overall development of their business.


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