Nawabali Q. - Wirting

Nawabali Q.


Pakistan | Asia/Karachi (USD)

Full-time : 30+ hrs/week


I am Highly skilled in wiring and So on I Am Very Sel-motivated person. My Experience of Writing is 37 years that and I am Having Great Success in my life. My goal is to always deliver topnotch service to all my clients. I have learned that open and honest communication between a client and a freelancer leads to a great work relationship and this contributes greatly to the success of any project. I am a native English writer, copy editor, proofreader and PR professional, with a talent for crafting engaging and interesting articles, blog posts, press releases and other written materials. I have worked on over a five hundred projects for various clients around the world. I have worked with startups, solo entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses.