Pubg B.
Pubg B.
Virtual assistant, Web research, data entry, social media marketing
Bangladesh | Asia/Dhaka (USD)
Full-time : 30+ hrs/week


For over a year now, I have been managing a team of Virtual Assistants taking care of an online business. I have been doing various tasks such as keyword research, WP editing, FTP works, etc. As a Manager, my main goal is to provide quality and on time service whenever needed. I am reliable, hardworking and very time conscious.


Data Entry, Data mining, Data Collection, Data capture, Data Analysis, Data Processing, Data Conversion, Web Research, Web Scraping, Virtual Assistant, Personal Assistant, Market Research, Personal Email Finding, Lead Generation, LinkedIn Sourcing, Email List Building, Email Research, Database Building, Lead Research, Internet Research & all Admin Support jobs.

With a foot in the entertainment industry as an actress, and years of experience in hospitality and personal assistance, my interpersonal and professional skills make me a great communicator. I excel at organizing, streamlining workflow, and communicating - especially with creative-oriented tasks. I make it my priority to have tasks completed on time or early, to anticipate the needs of your business and/or personal life, and to never fall out of communication or leave you in the dark


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