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Web developer

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Ramkumar N.
Ramkumar N.
Chennai, India
5:10 pm local time
Web developer
I am a full stack developer and hold a Bachelor Degree in Engineering. I have around 4 years of experience in web applications development. I have experience in back end technogies like python, Scala, Nodejs, and front end technogies like Angular js, React.Js, HTML5, Css3, JavaScript.
I have worked on the project to create cartoon images for user images using tensorflow in python.

I have worked on many 3D model rendering in web applications using Three.js.
I have implement some face detection application in browser using opencv.js, pose detection using tensorflow.

I have worked on a project to animate 3d models based on the users face emotions using opencv.js and three.js.

I have working experience in SQL (MySQL) and no SQL(mongodb,redis) database.

I have interacted with many clients in my organization. So I can understand the clients requirement and provide a suitable solutions to them