Richard U. - Junior Bookkeeper and Admin Specialist

Richard U.

Junior Bookkeeper and Admin Specialist

Philippines | Asia/Manila (USD)

Full-time : 30+ hrs/week


I am a highly results-oriented individual with over three years of experience in Administrative Support. I thrive in team settings and work efficiently to solve customer problems while remaining calm under pressure. I have also learned that I am highly comfortable with being independent and providing only the highest quality of work with minimal supervision. This shines through in my performance each day and in the quality of work I provide. • Professional Attitude: As my references will attest, I have a knack for staying upbeat, regardless of the situation, and do my best to create an environment that is non-judgmental and open. • Passion and Motivation: I have a true passion for customer service and pride in making customers happy. Building relationships and making personal impacts are essential to me. I am also highly motivated to progress in my career and eager to grow and succeed with every position I hold. ✔HARD SKILLS ⭐📊Data Entry/HR/ACCOUNTING/Transcribing ➡ Updating Accounts payables. ➡ Set-up an Account in the system ➡ Making weekly Payroll ➡ Email our client ➡ Proficient typing and transcription. ➡ Computer and technical skills (including software knowledge) ➡ Organizational and time management abilities. ➡ Administrative skills. ➡ Communication (written and verbal) ➡ Customer service skills. ➡ Accuracy and attention to detail. ➡ Multi-tasking. ⭐💻E-mailing ➡ I don't overcommunicate by email. ➡ I make good use of subject lines. ➡ I Keep messages clear and brief. ➡ I am polite. ➡ I always check the tone. ⭐🌐Online Research ➡ I use the web browser appropriately ➡ I organize your bookmarks ➡ I use advanced search techniques ➡ I follow the web ⭐Lead Generation ➡ Marketing. ➡ Business Development. ➡ Google Analytics. ➡ Social Media. ➡ Project Management Applications and Tools, Websites I used: ✅Google sheets ✅Google Docs ✅Microsoft Excel ✅Microsoft Word ✅PowerPoint ✅Xero ✅Trello ✅Asana ✅Fresha ✅Payroller ✅Lastpast ✅Mixmax ✅ Canopy



Junior Bookkeeper

Nubustax in Accounting Firm - Jun, 2022 to present, US


M.A, Management Accounting

(2005 - 2009) Saint Peter's College of Toril