Rishi Pujara
Full Stack Developer, Chief Architect & UI/UX Engineer
Rishi Pujara
  • Country: India | Asia/Kolkata

  • Availability: Full-time : 30+ hrs/week

  • Currency: USD

  • Rate: $20/hr

  • Member since: Oct 20, 2018

About Me

I am a Full Stack Web Developer, Chief Architect and UI/UX Engineer with 9 years of experience. I can start right from a Business Idea and make it a successful Software for the web, desktop and mobile; with a clean, functional UI and powerful UX. And now, I have a small and focused team that enables me to help more 'Small Businesses' and 'Entrepreneurs' achieve their goals!

I have worked with a number of industries from SASS Platforms, CryptoCurrency Trading Platforms to simple Websites. Nothing is too big or small for me.

My Front-End Skills Include
MV* Frameworks like Angular 2/4, React, VueJS and EmberJS
Core JavaScript using ES6 and TypeScript
UI & Layout Frameworks like Bootstrap 4, Foundation 6
Advanced HTML5, WebGL, WebRTC, and CSS3 via SASS
Advanced tooling with Webpack 2, Gulp, Rollup and Grunt

My Backend Skills Include
Node JS with Express, Sails, LoopBack, Hapi
PHP with Laravel 5
CMS with WordPress
For Rails/Django/.NET Core projects, I can handle templating and basic stuff

Databases I like working with are MySQL, MongoDB, RethinkDB and Firebase!

My Mobile Development Skills include:
Ionic 3 with Angular 4 and Cordova
React Native and NativeScript, Swift, Unity 3D/2D

My Desktop Development Skills include:
Cross Platform Apps using ElectronJS

My Server Managment Skills include:
AWS, DigitialOcean, Heroku and Dokku

Feel free to reach out to me!

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