Roshan P.
Roshan P.
Robotics | Deep Learning | Computer Vision
India | Asia/Kolkata (USD)
Full-time : 30+ hrs/week


Hi, I am a graduate from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. I have been working on Computer vision task such as Classification, Segmentation, Object detection. I have worked on the generative network for Image to Image translation i.e changing the image from night to day scene, satellite view to map view. I have worked on Numerical data for clustering, regression, anomaly detection. For this, I have also specialized in "Deep Learning, a 5-course specialization by on Coursera": License number-29LWAMZM92YP.

I can help you automate and optimize the process in the field of Data Science.

Also, I am passionate about Robotics. During College, I co-founded Robotic research project- Project MANAS- which is among the top 13 teams in India, where I was leading Driverless car project.

Thank you for looking into my profile.


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