I am Linux Certified Engineer and working as DevOps for managing servers and deployment.
Linux Server Administration with installation,configuration and troubleshooting of software in it.Also working with shell script for automate the process.
Developing Websites using Drupal CMS and Developed 8+ Websites in it.
➢ System administration of 10+ servers (Red Hat, Centos,Ubuntu)
➢ Worked with AWS ec2 servers, RDS, CloudFront Cdn, ELB(Load Balancer), Auto Scaling and S3 Servers
➢ Shell Scripting (Bash).
➢ Server configure using WHM/Cpanel, Parallel Plesk Panel.
➢ Installation and configuration of packages using source, yum ,apt-get,whm.
➢ Configured Sendmail,exim,postfix, iRedmail.
➢ Monitoring systems using Nagios, bash scripts.
➢ Configuring apache web servers, SSLs,nginx, PHP, Php-fpm.
➢ Configuring Mysql,Percona and optimization with server.
➢ Configuring Tripwire for monitoring files.
➢ Server Security using iptables by csf, WHM security.
➢ Magento, Wordpress, Drupal,Joomla CMS installation and configruation.
➢ Optimization server using varnish cache, redis session,memcache, mysql tuning, pagespeed, APC, Apache and php modules configured.
➢ Worked on AWS EC2 Cloud Server.
➢ Configured Nagios Server Monitoring Tools and add check rules as per requirements.

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