Sanghadeep J. - freelance photo retoucher

Sanghadeep J.

freelance photo retoucher

India | Asia/Kolkata (INR)

Full-time : 30+ hrs/week


I am a Product Retouching Professional — I've been providing Product retouching service since 2010, using a time-proven workflow of retouching Product.

I Know Product — What sets me apart from other general retouchers is that I only work on Product photos and I work on them every day, which makes me an expert on Product retouching. As a result, I know your Product — be it, color gems, — and I help your to represent their gorgeousness to your customers.

I Deliver Top Quality Images — From me you will receive carefully retouched (and enhanced) high resolution images in top quality. They can be easily used for poster and magazine printing (and of course, your website).

Incredible Price — You are getting incredible price along with my professionalism and high efficiency. Bulk orders are most welcome.

Free Sample Provided — You're welcome to contact me for samples. I can also retouch one free sample for bulk orders.
Service Description

Send me your as-shot photos, no matter how good or ordinary they are, and let me make them shining!

With my years of experience on Jewellery Photo retouching, maybe I can even help your photographer to get better photos, for free.