Sarangi - Test Specialist


Test Specialist

India | Asia/Kolkata (INR)

Part-time:10-30 hrs/week


 2 years of experience in Managing team of 3-4 members.  Estimate for the project/application.  Communicate with the AD team and gather requirements for various project assigned.  Create test plan and test cases based on the requirement for testing.  Maintain the timelines for every task to complete the project.  Develop VuGen scripts according to the requirements.  Create MQ scripts using AppWatch and ISG logger.  Validate and customize the Vuser scripts.  Create scenarios and conduct different performance test like Smoke, Load, Scalability and Endurance test.  Coordinating with other team specially with Application Developer members to analyzing and review bugs found during testing.  Enhanced and modified the scripts according to the test case scenarios.  Preparing test summary report for the test plan executions and share it with the client.  Analyze the results using HP Analysis by creating HTML report which contains Throughput, response time, Errors, various graphs, etc.  Engage with the solution design teams to understand the technical aspects of any solution.  Report/track performance test defects using HP Quality Center.  Worked on enhancement of Knowledge Forum portal (MetLife portal that approves various project with client to get business for the account) by during functional and regression testing.


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