Sathish Sam

Sathish Sam

Excel Automation Expert

India | Asia/Kolkata
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Complete knowledge of Excel functions and macro programming
Outstanding VBA, VB and .NET programming skills
Highly skilled in analyzing data, creating Pivot tables, dashboard reports, charts in Excel
Ability to develop custom desktop application with .NET and Access DB/SQL
Excellent understanding of software development lifecycle
Highly skilled in designing tables, queries, forms, and reports in MS Access
Knowledge of SQL, and MySQL
Skilled in loading and extracting data from databases into worksheet
Ability to document test events and coding details
Adept in troubleshooting technical problems and creating Excel templates
Superior communications and organizational skills

I am highly skilled in the following areas
1. MS-.Excel
2. MS-Access
3. Macros
4. VBA Programming
5. Google Spreadsheet
6. Google Script Programming.
7. Google Forms
8. PDF conversion and extraction
9. Web scraping
10. Photoshop
11. Data entry

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