Shahzad B. - Lead Generation Surgeon

Shahzad B.

Lead Generation Surgeon

Pakistan | Asia/Karachi (USD)

Full-time : 30+ hrs/week


Built on a foundation of experience, hard work, honesty & precision. About two decades been serving my customers locally and globally who were specialized in different aspect of specific industries.

Along this journey I contributed meaningfully, effectively for fulfilling my employers, customer’s objectives and targets. Also helped businesses grow from small or medium to major workforce corporations.

Being experienced in the field of Lead Generation and not a typical lead provider like any other.
Since been in this business for two decades, makes me capable to handle responsibilities to the fullest and will take your Lead Generating mechanism to the next level, where to help you with the strategy and fix your errors or either suggest if new features needs to be implemented for an upgrade.

To ensure your satisfaction and the optimal value retention of your business, experience and commitment will be implemented to maintain your business requirements.
You can always rely on the excellent quality of the individual services all for under lowest possible cost to maintain a long term business relationship with you.

Exclusive Services which can be provided to the clients as under:

-Professional Lead Provider / Tailor Made List Building
-Transcription Editing Proofreading
-Mass Email Marketing , Bulk Email
-Sales Correspondent
-Data Entry
-Email Leads , Social Network Leads



Office Administrator, Sales, Outsourcing & Email correspondence

DJ General Trading Company (Imports & Exports) - Aug, 2002 to Dec, 2011, Dubai


Bachelors, Computers

(2000 - 2003) PEHS