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AWAI-Verified Marketing Copywriter & Content Developer

India | Asia/Kolkata
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“Ron is the most prolific web writer I have worked with. Very professional and high quality services offered. I am happy.” – Ian Daniel, Yorkshire

“Worked only once. Really awesome writing, and cheap price. Would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a sales copywriter.” – Rob Baka, Japan

“Ron is a highly talented sales copywriter who is smart enough to know what works and what not. Very punctual, and definitely someone who can be an asset to your business.” – Steve Foote, USA


Let me introduce myself.

My name is Ron.

I am an AWAI-trained sales copywriter and content marketing strategist by profession. I am based out of India, and…

If you are looking for a marketing consultant cum writer, you have come to the right place.

A little bit about myself…

I have over 7 years of solid, first-hand experience in writing cutting-edge sales letters, blogs, SEO content, press releases, taglines, slogans, etc. in almost every popular niche, including finance, health and retail goods.

I hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration from one of the premiere universities in India, and I am one of the few copywriters on Upwork who can boast of an agency experience!

And above all, I am a full-time marketing copywriter at a company at the moment.

So, here’s my question to you.

Are you looking for unstoppable traffic to your website?

Are you struggling with your abysmal conversion rates and thus, low sales?

Are you looking to build long-term profitable relationships with your customers?

Do you want to create a brand that values up over time?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, my suggestion to you is…

Hire a marketing copywriter RIGHT NOW!

Don’t know of any? I am here to help you.

If you hire me, here are the things that I will do for you.

1. Research the needs and wants (basically, everything!) of your target market.
2. Research what is working for your competitors.
3. Build out the perfect content strategy for your business.
4. Create the ULTIMATE MARKETING COPY for you.
5. Humbly take my remuneration in return. 

As simple as that.

No more wasting time reading thousands of useless articles over the web that promise to reveal the “secret” on how to build an online business.

No more wasting your hard-earned money on amateurs who pose as “experts”.
No more feeling like a failure after years of trying on the internet.

It’s time to take action.

Once you hire my copywriting services, you can rest assured that you have taken a huge step towards taking your business to the next level.

Starting from research to writing to analytics, I will make sure that you get the Top Quality Sales Content for your business.

Utmost professionalism.

Highest value per dollar charged.

Superior customer support.

So, are you ready to make your business a success today?

If yes, don’t hesitate a second.

Here’s your best chance.

Contact me at workfreelance.ron at gmail dot com right now.

Embark on a great business journey for a lifetime!

Eagerly waiting for your email.

To your wealth,


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High-Caliber Writer Needed for sales / marketing content, technical documents and proposals

Ron produced a high quality document for my company - Extremely professional and pleasant to communicate with.

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High-Caliber Writer Needed for sales / marketing content, technical documents and proposals

Excellent work and attentive to detail! I highly recommend Ron for sales content writing.

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Content Creator - Blog posts/articles/press releases

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Writing Guru

I enjoyed working with Ron. But there was never any consistency in his schedule and I felt like I was constantly chasing him to get work completed. Quality of his work is good, but availability seems to be an issue.

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Copywriting for a Sales Page

Ron did an excellent job on this project. He finished each sales letter in a timely manner and utilized great copywriting skills! I will use Ron C again for any future copywriting needs!

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Keyword-Rich Article Writer

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Content Writing - summarizing online stores

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