Business Products presentations and promotional video creation

By Golam K.

Digital Marketing Consultant
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$70.00 Cost
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I can create professionel HD customize video which can be use for your business branding,Products overvew,Promotions,socail media boosting,ad posting,posting to you tube channel etc.

video time 1minute to 5 minute (or as per clint requirment). HD. Overlay text with your Log & Royalty Free Music.Video mp4 format.Background Music.

Video sample here-
Its for Travel and tour realted video

I can give you any type business realted customize video.

What seller need from the Buyer to get started?

I need your business details. Business name, Business logo etc
what purpose you want to use this video and what is your target tell me details.
if you want to show any specefic dialog text send me that.
also before finlize the deal discuss with me.

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