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By Sanjay Idhatiya

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If you are running a business with multiple categories & products. If you are dealing with various buyers & sellers. If you are managing everything in a spreadsheet(Including transactions with buyers & sellers) It's time to upgrade! We can provide you a custom developed order/stock/transaction Management system which you can use and generate various reports like:
1__ How much money required to collect from buyers
2__ How much money required to pay to sellers
3__ What will be the highest profitable products from my list
4__ What are the categories & products I am dealing with
5__ From where money comes & where it goes & various other reports

3 Types of users in system:

1__ Admin/Super Admin: Who is managing everything like Users, category, Products, Stock deal, Transactions, Reports etc.

2__ Buyer: These users can log in to the system and can see their deals with Admin/Company and get reports related to those deals.

3__ Sellers: These users can log in to the system and can see their deals with Admin/Company and get reports related to those deals.

What kind of major managements are in the system:

1__ Product Management (With SKU, Active/Inactive status)
2__ Category Managment
3__ Stock Deal Management(With Buyers & Sellers with deal date/time, Amount paid/receive, Products involved with deal etc)
4__ Transaction Management(What amount to be paid, On which date, Total Paid/received, Outstanding amount etc)
5__ User Management( Buyer & Sellers)

What seller need from the Buyer to get started?

1__ Existing way by which client is managing current order & stock & payment/transaction management
2__ A spreadsheet if client is using to track all orders & deals & stocks
3__ Domain & Hosting detail where client want to make this live to access publically (If client needs to use it on their own network, this is not required)

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