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By Saifur Rahman Mohsin

Fullstack Developer
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Need a simple eCommerce marketplace website for your business? I provide an easy to use eCommerce portal for a low price compared to other providers.

* Admin panel with multi-user login.
* Item listing for one item with a form to upload new item entries with pricing.
* Completely modular so more features / addons can be added.
* Choose from several themes to build eCommerce frontend on.
* Automatic email confirmations on payment.
* Insite editing to allow you to edit the about us and other written sections on your own without having to contact me.
* Customizable email template for the confirmation email.
* Analytics dashboard to see hits of website, top browsers, top cities, etc.
* Cash on Delivery + 1 payment provider integration.

Limitations for this pricing:
* Single type of item listing i.e. if you are selling cakes then you will get one form to put the cake name, the photo, price options, weight, etc. (these fields are to be provided by you). If you want to add extra "type" of the item, for example, if you also sell flowers then based on the effort I will tell you the cost of integrating a list and form to add that as well.
* No invoicing facility. I provide a simple email template with the item listing based on your preference. If you'd like a PDF based invoice.
* No inventory management facility i.e. to keep track of the number of items available and hide it if the inventory item runs out.
* Integration with only one popular payment provider.
These limitations are just for the pricing I've offered. If you need any of these, feel free to contact me and I will estimate the effort to add these or anything else that may be needed.
* Attribution -- My name will be added on the website as the developer. If you want me to not mention my name then simply pay 50% higher fee and it can be removed. This is helpful for me to get more clients and projects and also helps your website get more hits thro' something known as backlinking.

There is no limit to the number of addons that can be made. Since the portal would be modular any kind of feature can be added from user account management, social login integration, SMS integration, to sentimental analysis engines, etc. Custom built modules can be made specific to your require at the additional cost of effort. Some popular add-ons: blog integration, forum, twitter-based testimonials.

P.S. Check out or if you'd like to see my portfolio.

What seller need from the Buyer to get started?

Choose a free theme from or provide your own which you got from the internet (there are many free themes).

Share the layout, color scheme you want. I will modify the theme to fit this layout, etc. with your product listing, logo, etc.

Kindly mention the payment provider when requesting this service. I will check if they have any proper library or developer API to enable quick integration, otherwise, I may propose an addon cost for that selected provider based on the required effort to integrate said service with the web app. (Usually, 3k-5k of work)

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