Data Analysis

By Md. Tamzid I.

Statistical Data Analyst


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About This Service

I can assist with your data analysis using statistical tools like R programming, SPSS, SAS, Stata,

I am confident regarding following topics

Descriptive Statistics : Graph,Frequency,Percentage(For getting general idea about data)

Data visualization: Pie/Bar chart, histogram,stem &leaf plot, Box plot

Statistical Test : (t test, F test ,Likelihood test, Non parametric test,chi-square test)(For test various hypothesis whther a treatment good or bad)

Non parametric tests:

(Mann-Whiteney test, kruskal-wallis test, wilcoxon test)

Correlation Analysis

Regression analysis (Linear, Logistic, multinomial, ordinal Logistic and multivariate regressions)


Experimental Design: CRD, RBD, LSD,

Principal Component Analysis

Survival Analysis

I can write the reports using the findings of the analysis & present the work in word or power point with beautifully edited graph & tables

So contact with me and give me the opportunity to assist with your work, I won't let you down


What seller need from the Buyer to get started?

I need the detail objective along with data

About The Seller

Md. Tamzid I.
Statistical Data Analyst
FromBangladeshMember SinceJul 16, 2019
I am a data analyst with 2 years of experience. I have completed B.S. and M.S. in Statistics. I am interested in any kind of statistical data analysis.

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I can assist with your data analysis using statistical tools like R programming, SPSS, SAS, Stata,I am confident regarding followi...


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