General Accounting/ Bookkeeping

By Kyle

Accounting Manager/Controller

United States

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About This Service

I can handle any of your small business accounting and finance needs; from setting up your financials in Quickbooks, to managing your bookkeeping, to answering general accounting questions and assisting with business needs.

I can work on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on the business's needs. Rates will vary depending on the service provided and the anticipated length of assignment.

What seller need from the Buyer to get started?

  1. Description of business and industry
  2. Amount of work to be completed (anticipated hours/days)
  3. Frequency of work (once a week, once a month, two hours/day, etc)
  4. Type of work to be completed (i.e, reconciling accounts, compiling financials, reporting/analysis)
  5. Date needed to complete by
  6. Data and access to available information

About The Seller

Accounting Manager/Controller
FromUnited StatesMember SinceMay 1, 2019
I am an Accounting Manager with over four years of corporate accounting experience. Creative and self-motivated individual with the demonstrated ability to balance multiple priorities. Able to work well in a team setting and achieve results. Extensive analytical accounting and finance experience with a proven track record of building lasting relationships and developing a loyal team. Ownership of responsibilities, continuous process improvement and accurate financial reporting are what I strive...

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General Accounting/ Bookkeeping
by Kyle
General Accounting/ Bookkeeping

I can handle any of your small business accounting and finance needs; from setting up your financials in Quickbooks, to managing y...


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