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who I am

I am 18 year old and I am expert in making websites from wordpress wix and other website builders and also I can make shopify stores I kept on making these works and now I opened a website called affluencers webspace where I make websites for business and personal uses on a large scale

what is affluencers webspace

affluencers webspace is the website where you can get your website made at a reasonable price simple engaging and intuitive structure are the best features of this service

then why here

if you really think why I am here though I made website for it then read below

  • I still love freelancing
  • to raise funds for charity and developing and marketing my website
  • to feel that same personal freelancing touch as I used to experience before
  • to showcase and provide the best service which I can provide
  • and mainly to fund my education

what you are you going to get with your website

  • of course a timely delivery
  • advertisement pack
  • affiliate pack which contains high ticket offers to earn money from audience
  • and other services which you need I will try my best to give you
  • just give details about that too
  • hosting

my commitment

if you get website 5 days later than given you will get 60% cashback with 3 discount vouchers on mens apparels and accessories

if your website looks a lot shabby look and with a defective design you will get 65% off with 2 vouchers from a shopping website

what you can expect from us

  • timely service
  • small works can be delivered within duration such as 3 days to a week
  • if you dont get the work delivered within the given time frame you will get discount vouchers from me along with 15 % cash back
  • quality and quantity put into practise
  • some free stuff if applicable and available

about the price

  • for ecommerce site shopify-3000
  • ecommerce site with 25 products added-4700
  • one page to three page websites like invitations and brochures-3600
  • small business like hair cutting salon,small restaurants etc only for branding marketing etc-5500
  • small business websites with all booking and other features too-7400
  • all business focused and other features like table and room booking for restaurants and seat reservations for salons etc-7900
  • medium size businesses with employees less than 200-15000
  • medium sized business with employees more than 200-19200
  • medium size businesses with all the features such as employee management systems etc integrated-+2600 with any of the above
  • blogging website-2800
  • portfolios-3400
  • if you dont find any thing you want in the list then simply tell me I will personally help you with it

why too much prices


I put a large amount of time and energy into the work I do I have to hire the other people to contribute into if needed a lot of times and there fore you are charged you may get charged a little more too but we will try to keep it as low as possible

why so large time

i put a lot of time and energy to the project I work into so to get that perfect or that near perfect result I put my ass off to it and there fore so much time

if you want you can also request some extra addition into website if its available to me I will be happy to add it

What seller need from the Buyer to get started?

  1. name of the website
  2. type of website i.e what it should be like for e.g blogging website or ecommerce
  3. colors to be used
  4. theme to be used i.e classic or funky
  5. complexity i.e how big or small the website should be
  6. no of pages
  7. which pages it must contain
  8. what should the website contain like photos or for webpages give us links
  9. your aim of making websites
  10. what extra you want with your website
  11. anything extra information about the website you want me to know

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I can develop any website for personal and business use
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who I amI am 18 year old and I am expert in making websites from wordpress wix and other website builders and also I can make shop...


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